About The Hippie Spot

After Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans, people began to rebuild the community.  A lot of property was left abandoned for several years.  A group of skateboarders and BMXers got together to build a space of their own under one of the highway overpasses.  They called this place The Hippie Spot.

The failed infrastructure of the city allowed for unchecked mischief and mayhem.  Concerned citizens in the area alerted the city to about the makeshift skatepark worried about what kind of activities were going on there.  The city responded by demolishing the skatepark that was built without permit nor permission.

The skaters and BMXers gathered together again and petitioned the city for the permit to build again in the same spot.  With no small amount of effort, they gained permission from the city and rebuilt the park with a grant issued by New Orleans.

They renamed the spot, but this park is a testament to the resilience of the New Orleans people and an example of what can be accomplished with determination.  The new park gives the local youth a place to go and just have a good time.