About Us

Rachel grew up in Georgia.  From an early age, she had an interest in building things and doodled little cartoons in her notes at school.  After high school, she spent time in both New Orleans and Atlanta studying and working.  In 2009, she began selling her crafts on etsy.

Jarrod grew up in Massachusetts.  At age 3, he ripped the training wheels from his bicycle and never looked back.  After high school, he moved to Colorado and began a career as a professional bicycle mechanic and downhill cyclist.  In 2005, Jarrod moved to New Orleans to aid with recovery from Hurricane Katrina.

In 2010, Rachel began experiencing problems with her bike and took it for service at her local bicycle shop.  After a series of flats, the employees began to joke that she was really coming to see their mechanic, Jarrod.  Jarrod invited Rachel to a group ride that he was helping to begin (NOLA Social Ride).  She was hit by a car while riding her bike the day before the ride.  Jarrod fixed her bike after the wreck, and the rest, as they say, is history.

In 2012, Rachel completed her degree in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, and Rachel and Jarrod moved to Denver.  After a frustrating job search, Rachel turned her attention on growing her home business.  Jarrod and Rachel worked together to build a successful business.  Together, they volunteered with Bike Denver, promoted local community shops, and traveled Colorado selling their wares.

In 2015, Rachel and Jarrod moved to Jarrod’s hometown to help care for his mother.  That year, Rachel was awarded a commission for Ride the Rockies and their company was featured on national television.  Less than a year later, they were back in Denver.

In 2018, The Hippie Spot ReCyclery went fully mobile, and Rachel and Jarrod became two more members of the #vanlife community.  They travel throughout the western states to sell at markets year-round.

Now they work together to create unique pieces made from repurposed bicycle parts collected from local shops.  They are committed to supporting their community through volunteer work, bicycle advocacy, promoting community shops, shopping for their supplies at locally owned businesses, and participating in the local cycling community.