Welcome to The Hippie Spot ReCyclery!

We make jewelry and home goods from recycled and upcycled bicycle parts including desk clocks, wall clocks, lamps, business card holders, coat racks, etc.  99% of our parts are sourced from locally owned bike shops, community bike shops, and individuals in the community.  Any children’s bikes that come into our possession are donated to local charities.  Bike parts that are still in good condition and not something we have a purpose for are donated to community bike shops, and parts that are beyond repair are recycled.  We shop as local as possible; most of our supplies and tools are purchased at locally owned businesses.

In 2013, our work gained us the commission for the Denver stage winner of the USA Pro Challenge.  We work with various bicycle nonprofits like Bike Denver and Trips for Kids, because we believe that everybody has the right to feel safe on a bike and that every child should be able to ride in the beautiful mountains right outside the city.